The sky has been overcast for three days now, and that was beginning to give Dieter a serious headache. He sat again at the navigator’s table, fiddling with his temporarily useless sextant while attempting to determine the submarine's current position. ‘Alright', he thought to himself. 'So we left from Wilhelmshaven 3 days ago, following course 341 at half speed. We then continued for two days until that bloody destroyer sprang out of nowhere. Good thing we are still in one piece... But anyway, we made quite a few turns here and there, and then we got back on course after we got rid of the bastard'. Dieter scratched his head as the notes from that day were a little bit on the hectic side. 'Well, that’s rather vague...', he thought 'but it seems that we ended up around here. Right... And then we took course 350 for another day at half speed, so that should leave us more or less here...’.

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The Captain slowly put away his binoculars with a sinister grin. After a week of stalking the target, he now knew that the time to strike was at hand. The convoy was approaching the Atlantic Gap and the nearby wolves had already picked up the scent of the prey. Captain Schilke was the first one to locate the enemy, and he immediately sent a message to the HQ so that a wolfpack could assemble. Once it heeded the call and assumed positions, all there was left to do was to ensnare the unsuspecting victim. Schilke was already feeling the thrill of excitement: nightfall was fast approaching, and the hunt was afoot...

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The U-boat – a steel coffin steadily plowing through the boundless depth, surrounded by the obscure darkness of the water pressing onto it from every direction. Inside it, a handful of people – cut off from the world in the claustrophobic environment where they have no-one to depend on but one another. With the boat fully submerged, they are as blind as a bat. The thick, steel walls of the hull separate them from the crushing force of the element, but at the same time deprive them of even the vaguest glimpse of the outside world. They have no choice but to entrust their lives in the hands of the first officer, who will operate the hydrophone to comb the outside world for contacts, hoping to detect enemies before they realize that the hunt has begun. Soon, the navigator will correct the course, and the chief engineer will prepare torpedoes for launch. Then, the final say rests with the captain. Once he gives the order, the first officer will swiftly unleash the torpedo, thus spelling doom upon the unwary prey. Yet, for now, it is the predator that has to sharpen its senses, lest it becomes prey itself...

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